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Well, this page is basically for my own use, but of course you may be interested in some of these links, too. I may add more later if I find the page convenient. I have also removed some old links that don't work any more

RS3 related links:

GameFAQ's RS3 FAQ: You can find many useful FAQ's on RS3 there.
GameFAQ message board: other than my board, you can find a lot of helpers in this board
Bladewind Draconus’ RS3 Walkthru: A very nice pictorial walkthrough; has nice Battle Game illustrations. Currently it's down, but maybe it'll go back up. Let's see.
RPG Classics RS3 pages: Another very nice pictorial walkthrough (based on my patch!); has all the mini game info; Pretty complete.
Alemanic Translation: The translation who is working on a German translation of RS3 (based on the English one).  The page is in German, though.
RS3 Icons: Have some icons here if you are interested; but I’m sure you can make more yourself.
The RS3 Waza and Mikiri list: A very old page with info on weapon techs and evade techs. It's in Japanese, though.
The RS3 monster page: Not a complete, but there are pictures of some very rare monsters, which can stimulate people to find them. :)

Translation related:

RPGd: Translation news site. Updated often, with a nice WWWboard.
The Whirlpool: A pretty new site with very complete update and descriptions on almost all (if not all) translation projects. Nice design, too. Especially thanks them for hosting my RS3 message board for so long.
Zophar’s Domain: Mostly with emulation, but consists of translation patches and many other stuffs
A possible RS1 translation: Let’s see what will happen
A possible RS2 translation: Let’s see what will happen


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Updated March 10, 2002