Updated March 12, 2002

Welcome to my RS3 English page. This page holds the result of what I did in about 15 months. Hopefully you will enjoy it. I'm a lazy guy, so I won't put much effort in web page design. If it does look bad, please bear with it.

This translation is a joint contribution of Mana Sword, Lee_chaolang, Disnesquick and Sheex and various beta testers. Details can be found in the FAQ link below.

You are welcome to ask any questions on my message board. But before you complain about non-translated stuffs or graphic problems, make sure that they are not in the Patch FAQ or the readme file, or you may get unfriendly responses as we are all tired of the same questions.

This site has been down for almost a year since Yahoo deleted my page without reasons. As a matter of fact, I'm not putting much effort to set up the page again until now. RS3 is history, at least for me. But whether it's for memorial purpose or just to fill my new web space with something, I have put this back up. :)

There are only a few things new (no, no new patch). The walkthrough is updated a little, with things like greed counter being added. There is a new name editor which will not give you that "file size not match" error, so that you can use it with savestates made with ZSNES 1.x. There is a 95% complete Ending FAQ. So far I haven't seen any walkthrough that has discussed these endings, so I guess it's worth a read for those who care about the endings. There are other insignificant stuffs, like updating the link page, spc archive and a background which I found is better for eyes (whether it looks better is another issue.)

I notice there are some translation/text formatting problems in some of the endings. That's because I can't get to those endings and test them until I decipher the ending source code, which is after the release. Anyway, please bear with it since I'm in no mood of releasing new patch as of now.

By the way, if people care, there is a German translation of this project in progress for more than a year. They ask NoPrgress to do ASM hack, so it looks more promising than my English translation (if it actually completes, that is.) If you know German, you may want to take a look.

So far for the news. In any case, view this as a source of information. I'll be building other web pages, but they won't be RS3 related. You can visit those pages, too, when they are ready and if you are interested.


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