The translation and the documents are written by Mana Sword with the following help:

  1. Lee Chaolang for discussion and help on translation in the early stage, and later joining me in delivering the best translation. He could have finished his own patch the same time as I did, but real life makes things difficult.

  2. Disnesquick for sending me his dumper program and script dump. He is the one who makes this project fly. Also don’t forget he still owns the best parts: his ASM and VWF, even though they are not in this release.

  3. Sheex, the official beta tester since early stage of the project (when he was still known as Blues_). Sorry I couldn’t put much effort on your project.

  4. "Elite" beta testers: (wraith), Badaro, John, Sheex, Z-Song. These are the beta testers who sent in neat reports regularly until the end of the game, and finish the testing before the first release. These are the main people who make the first release playable. :P

  5. Other beta testers: Shido_V2.0, Gilgamesh, Kueller, Megaman X, Gideon Zhi, Ronfar. These beta testers work quite a bit on testing the game, but due to variety of reasons they haven't finished the reports before the release. Anyway, they have been quite informative and have submitted quite a few reports.

  6. FAQ/Walkthrough by Hassan, Daniel Thompson, and Dshort. These are basically found at Pretty helpful and have lots of information on the game. I also use some of the translated names in Dshort’s document.

  7. The Romancing SaGa Waza list and Mikiri list located at and Almost a must have for learning techs in the game. I don't really know the name of the person who owns the page.

  8. FAQ/Walkthrough by Matthew Weng found at . Have information on almost all the quests. I read it when I get stuck in the game (really get stuck a lot).

  9., where I learn a lot of Japanese grammar, free of charge.

  10., the famous online Japanese-English dictionary. It uses the EDICT database which can be downloaded from Jim Breen's homepage ( With a program to access this database, translation becomes much easier.

  11. People who translated and hacked this game in the first place, including Drakken, Dark Force, Jmigs, Amethist and Ballok, Dragoon X etc. and those who tried to translate FF8. Their effort inspired me to play and translate this game. (If Evilhero does not quit on me, I wouldn’t start hacking. :) )

  12. The ZSNES development team and the SNES9x development team. They provide nice and handy tool to play and test the game.

  13. People who create programs like Hexworkshop, Thingy and Naga. These make the project possible and save us a lot of time.

  14. Square Corp. for making this nice game.

  15. Other people that I can't remember, but may indirectly help me.

April 2000